A Message From Our CEO

During these challenging times, we are reaching out to all of our clients, referral partners, and business associates to let you know that we are here to support you, and we are very much open for business!

With global supply chains in turmoil, we believe our trade finance tools are more valuable than ever—both to those facing cash-flow challenges, and those presented with unique and urgent opportunities. The new clients that we have begun working with recently have experienced immediate benefits, as our services minimize risk, while maximizing liquidity—allowing our clients to successfully maneuver in times like these.

Throughout all the economic ups and downs over our 20 years in business, our company’s deep balance sheet and multiple global bank relationships have allowed us to provide steady and patient financial support to our clients and partners whenever needed. And as a privately-held firm, we have the flexibility and prerogative to stick with our clients in tough times.

Also, being headquartered in Germany, we are poised to benefit from the German government’s support programs of the credit insurance industry. These programs will allow Tradewind to continue to offer dependable, rock-solid support to all our clients throughout these unprecedented times. For more information on these programs please click here.

Whether you are a current or future client of ours, or one of our old or new business partners, we’re interested in speaking with you. Please contact us today to talk about what we can offer. In challenging times, Tradewind is here for you.

We are looking forward to speaking with you.

Ansgar Hütten
Executive Director
Tradewind Finance