With more than 20 offices in 13 countries and a footprint on 4 continents, we transact in most countries and global markets. 

We combine global scale with local expertise across key sectors. Our international presence positions us to work with clients at both ends of the transaction, providing local market insights and on-the-ground support. The large international network we have built in various industries is valuable to our customers who get assistance from local experts when entering new markets.

Our international acumen and capabilities enable us to structure credit facilities for companies based anywhere in the world and transacting in USD, EUR, GBP and other major currencies.

Our International Presence

Import Countries Covered

We recently opened new territories and can now facilitate financing on open account terms in many new regional markets through our work with local partners. In addition to the regions that we traditionally cover—North America, Western Europe and the Middle East—we now provide credit facilities to exporters selling to South America, Eastern Europe, Asia and parts of Africa.


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