Tradewind Announces Credit Facility to Innovative Car Audio Manufacturer in China

Tradewind is pleased to announce that it has provided a $1.5 million export factoring facility to a car audio manufacturer in China. The technology based client manufactures a series of innovative car audio parts such as speakers, amplifiers, head units, alarms and equalizers. The company exports to over 50 countries, which includes the U.S., Europe and Asia.

The electronic company is using this facility to strengthen their company’s credit and collections capabilities overseas, ultimately allowing them to be more aggressive in foreign markets. Tradewind will finance the group on open account terms with customized net terms to service subsidiaries in two markets including the U.S. and Europe. Because of Tradewind’s international presence, global resources and ability to hedge credit risk, it was considered the most suitable long-term financing partner.

Tradewind is an international trade finance group headquartered in Germany with 15 global offices and connects with top-tier, middle-market companies to provide post shipment and supply chain finance.  With an emphasis on promoting cross-border trade growth and mitigating risk, Tradewind is one of the world’s premier trade finance firms and the go-to resource for the global marketplace. 

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