Tradewind Closes Post Shipment Finance Facility for Prominent Fabric Manufacturer based in Turkey

Tradewind has established a new financing relationship with a prominent Turkish producer of silk and other high-quality fabrics that sells to such esteemed brands as Armani, Chanel, and Hugo Boss. The company exports to Europe and Israel and is using Tradewind’s €350,000 credit facility to support cash transactions with its suppliers. Additionally, with the facility in place, the fabric manufacturer expects to grow its production capacity, increase sales, expand its market share and invest the generated capital in R&D and design.

Since global rating companies have lowered Turkey’s grade, the client’s suppliers have required that it transact in cash for its materials as protocol to guarantee payment. As a result, the company faced a gap in liquidity between when it paid its vendors and collected money from its buyers. The added liquidity from Tradewind will not only allow the client to buy its raw materials in cash and strengthen its position in the marketplace, but it will also enable the company to get a discount and earn profit on the purchase itself.

Tradewind collaborated with its partner, credit insurer Euler Hermes, on the financing arrangement. Euler Hermes recommended Tradewind to the client, who chose them because of their off-balance sheet funding as well as their international capabilities.

“Tradewind’s collaboration with Euler Hermes has provided a comprehensive package for the client that will allow it to get the financing and insurance it needs to accomplish its goal of investing more in design,” says Arzu Celik, Vice President of Business Development for the Tradewind Turkey office.

The Tradewind group provides innovative international cash flow solutions tailored for global clients. Focused on the mid-market, its core products are non-recourse factoring and supply chain finance. The group has built an unrivaled reputation for the depth of its international finance expertise by maintaining a network of offices and affiliates around the world including the USA, China, India, Hong Kong, UAE, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iceland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Peru and its headquarters in Germany. Combining financing, credit protection, and collections into a single trade finance facility, Tradewind offers streamlined, flexible and best-in-class services.

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