Tradewind Announces Credit Facility for High-Growth Tech Company in North America

Tradewind is pleased to announce that it has provided a $2 million post-shipment finance facility to a 20 year old network communications technology company with a niche in hard commodity industries.

The company is based in the US with 4 international locations and develops proprietary products for its clients in the US, Canada, Australia and Latin America. Tradewind has structured a facility in two currencies to finance the company’s open account sales to the US and Canada. Due to the international nature of their sales and operations, DS Concept is uniquely situated to understand their business and provide the financing that is required. 

“Because the global commodity markets have incrementally strengthened after a long cycle of contraction, the company is projecting significant near-term growth. They will utilize our financing to apply liquidity into their supply chain to increase procurement, fulfill greater demand, and remain the leader in their field,” says Doc Lundberg, Senior Vice President of Tradewind’s Los Angeles office.

Tradewind is an international trade finance group headquartered in Germany with 16 global offices and connects with top-tier, middle-market companies to provide post-shipment and supply chain finance.  With an emphasis on promoting cross border trade growth and mitigating risk, Tradewind is one of the world’s premier trade finance firms and the go-to resource for the global marketplace. 

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