Tradewind Bulgaria Division Announces Partnership with Bulgarian Association for Apparel, Textile, and Leather

The Tradewind Bulgaria division is pleased to announce its partnership with the Bulgarian Association for Apparel, Textile, and Leather, a renowned organization dedicated to advancing the textile sector through industry advocacy and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders.

This partnership is a natural evolution of Tradewind’s extensive history, spanning nearly 25 years, in financing the apparel and textile sector. The collaboration seeks to leverage the collective strengths of both entities in order to promote the growth of SMEs and contribute to the overall advancement of the industry.

By combining our expertise, resources, and network, Tradewind aspires to address key challenges faced by the textile sector. Trade finance emerges as a particularly effective means of addressing the complexities encountered by textile businesses looking to expand globally or already engaged in international trade. Its utility lies in providing businesses with a comprehensive suite of financing and risk management tools.

Textile businesses often face challenges related to secure financing, credit protection, and adherence to strict regulations. Global trade finance offers a robust solution by mitigating risks associated with overseas trade, encompassing considerations such as shipping, credit, currency, regulations, and policies.

Tradewind has been instrumental in financing sales to leading brands, with our clients typically catering to major retailers and wholesalers in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East.

Tradewind would like to express a special thank you for the invitation extended by the Association to participate in their annual general meeting in December 2023. This event provided a platform to introduce Tradewind, engage with new clients, and reconnect with longstanding partners who have attested to the success of our existing collaborations.

We are looking forward to the many new opportunities that lie ahead.

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