Tradewind Finance Provides Export Factoring Facility for Shoe Manufacturer in China

Tradewind Finance is pleased to announce the successful closing of an export factoring facility worth USD 380,000 with a shoe manufacturer newly established in recent years. This tailor-made trade finance solution provided much-needed cash flow to the company, allowing them to pay suppliers on time and continue their business growth.

China has been the world’s largest footwear producer and exporter for years and its leading position attracted a large number of buyers across the world, especially from the US. The manufacturer based in Guangdong province offers a variety of medium to high-end shoes. With high-quality, fashionable products, the company has been growing rapidly in the export market to the UK and the US, helping it achieve around USD 3 million in export revenue every year.

To improve the efficiency of working capital management, the company turned to Tradewind, whose reliable reputation and expertise in providing customized trade finance solutions made it the ideal funding partner. The USD 380,000 export factoring facility enabled the company to release cash flow from receivables due in 60 days, develop relationships with new and regular buyers, and continue its business growth.

“To understand the unique requirements, and ensure a smooth and efficient transaction, our team of experienced financial experts worked closely with the client throughout the process. And we look forward to continuing the partnership as they enrich the buyer portfolio and achieve stable growth. At Tradewind, we are committed to helping clients achieve their financial goals and to delivering customized trade finance solutions to meet their unique needs,” said Dickson Au, Regional CEO – Far East, at Tradewind Hong Kong.

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